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4" x 2". The small purple coloured anodized tesla plates are worn in any pocket or carried in any purse, wallet, book, as the energy emits some distance from the plate. Because of its size, the large plate carries more energy than the small. The atoms of the aluminium have been altered so that this device is "in-tune or harmony" with the energy of the Universe that is beneficial to all living things such as humans, plants, animals, etc. The energy can be felt by many sensitive people.

Other uses are:

  • Place a plate under sick house plants.
  • Place a plate where the dog or cat sleeps,or under their food bowl.
  • To recharge crystals and stones : Place them on a Purple Energy Plate for approximately 12 hours.
  • Place water for your plants on a plate approximately 12 hours.
  • Place a Purple Energy Plate on an injured area of a humna, plant or animal. For example, a plate placed on a burned area appears to accelerate the healing process.

Read about the benefits of using purple plates.

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