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(Please note that the diagrams are black & white in the book - A book with full colour diagrams would cost about 325/book)


Useful for

Low energy, Phantom pain, Chronic fatigue, Difficult cases.


Auras are energy fields surrounding the body constructed of many different energies.

There may be holes in the aura where energy may be leaking out. If there is a leak in the auric body then it can be like a constant drain on the energy of the body.

The energy that surrounds the body rotates in a clockwise fashion. The correction moves energy from where there is more energy to the leaky area.

One of Dr. Sheldon Deal's most difficult client's had an aura leak.

Test by

Aura test
Figure 71 Aura - Test

Test a SIM with one hand and scan the body at about one inch away from the body surface. You could also scan it up to an arm's length away.

Wherever there is a hole in the aura, the SIM will test as weak. Double check where the SIM tested as weak to memorise the position.

Scan both the front and the back of the body.


Aura fix

Figure 72 Aura - Fix

Fix by moving the palms of the hand clockwise over the area where the SIM went weak, starting with a large circle going toward the centre of the weakness ending in a small circle. It is like spreading frosting over a cake.

This pulls in aura energy from surrounding space to cover the hole.

Retest afterward to see if the "hole" in the person's aura has been filled.


It is up to your discretion whether to explain to the client about what you are doing if they are not familiar with energy bodies.

Also See

Etheric Body Demonstration.

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