Purple Plate Testimonials

After reading Linda Gooodman’s Star Signs once again, my interest was re-kindled. Failing to find any uk stockists years ago, I now had the internet, so I tried again. I did a google search and found Alan Lam's Homepage, and after a brief e-mail to check availability I ordered a large and a small plate and some disks and angels.

After a short delivery time I received my package from Alan. The first thing that struck me was the colour of the plates; a shimmering violet that almost seems otherworldly. The plates are very light and I’ve found them extremely beneficial in many aspects of my life. Below are a few experiments I’ve tried.

  1. I’d had a fairly deep cut on the middle finger of my right hand for well over a week. It was on the knuckle and didn’t seem to be closing up or healing at all. I placed the small plate on the cut and after only about five minutes I removed the plate and was amazed to see that the wound had nearly closed. Stunned by this seemingly magical feat I continued using the plate at intervals, and the next morning the cut was healed enough not to open when I bent my finger, and was fully healed with no trace of a scar only a few days later.
  2. I’ve experimented charging water with the large plate, with unusual effects. After being placed on the large plate for at least fifteen minutes water tastes much, much better. Almost silky in fact. A point worth mentioning is that for about a week, any charged water that I drank had a strong diuretic effect. This has now stopped, but the water still tastes as good. I think my digestive system has adjusted to the charged properties. I also charge food and vitamins and minerals this way, and have never felt better. The food stays fresher for much longer after its been on the plate for a while.
  3. I read that sleeping with a plate under your pillow can increase the lucidity of dreams This happened with me but sometimes I woke up during the night wide awake. I always got back to sleep but I’ve cut down the use of the plate in this way to only once or twice a week.
  4. I started to suffer with a sore throat that was painful when swallowing. I held a small plate on my throat and after just seconds, the pain had disappeared. Using the plates in this way also stopped a cold in its tracks.
  5. When I first wore the angel pendant I felt very strange and dizzy and then a bit restless and highly-strung. These effects wore off fairly quickly and I’m convinced that wearing the large angel has a healing and calming effect on me. It’s also helpful in reducing pain if I’ve not got a plate at hand.
  6. My girlfriend started with a migraine at work and put the small plate she’d borrowed to try, on her head. She said that the pain went immediately and that she was ‘borrowing’ the plate permanently.

I’m still learning new ways to use the plates all the time. I feel that there are many possibilities for these as yet undiscovered. How about making a purple plate box, or pyramid for instance. In any case I’m really happy That I found Alan’s UK site and will be ordering more from
him soon.

M J W     Merseyside

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