Aluminium Chlorhydrate

Aluminium compound, such as aluminium chlorohydrate or aluminium zirconium, which is very soluble, is used as an antiperspirant, that compound is readily absorbed. Once in the body, the aluminium portion of the molecule ionizes, forming free or radical aluminium (AI+++). This passes freely across cell membranes, and forms a physical plug, that when dissolved is selectively absorbed by the liver, kidney, brain, cartilage and bone marrow. It is this concentration of aluminium that has been the source of concern in the medical community and has prompted the research being done on ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE and BREAST CANCER victims.

Potassium alum molecules have a negative ionic charge, making it unable to pass through the cell wall. THEY ARE NOT ABSORBED. This is why we recommend the use of Deodorant stones they are safe to use and will not cause high levels of ALUMINIUM in your systems. ALUM and ALUMINIUM are two different substances, with distinct chemical signatures. They possess different chemical properties which create different chemical attributes.

The chemical formula for potassium alum is K2SO4AI2(SO4)324H2O. Potassium alum is a colorless substance that forms octahedral or cubic crystals.

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