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What are Crystal Deodrant Stones?

Crystal Deodorant Stones are crystals of natural mineral salts which inhibit the growth of odour forming bacteria on your body.

What are the Benefits?

  • Hypo-allergenic and contains no harsh chemicals
  • Does not block pores so the body is able to breathe naturally
  • Made from natural mineral salts which will not stain your clothes
  • No aluminium chlorhydrate, fluorocarbons, perfumes, emulsifiers, propellants, petroleum or alcohol
  • Fragrance free, doesn't mask odors with perfumes and antiperspirants.
  • Works for foot odour too
  • Economical - stones last around 12 months of normal use, roll-ons last about 6 months
  • Cruelty free - not been tested on animals and is B.U.A.V. approved.
  • Unusual Christmas or Birthday gift!!!

How does it work?

Potassium Sulphate has the natural property of inhibiting bacterial growth which is one of the reasons that it is sometimes used as a food preservative.

Deodorant Stones are water soluble. The molecular structure is large. This prevents any absorption into the body. When applied as a deodorant, a layer of mineral salts are left on the surface of the skin. These prevent bacteria growth which is the cause of body odour.

Doesn't block pores

If you believe that body odour comes from sweating, you are only partially correct. Body odor is actually a by product of the sweat coming into contact with the bacteria normally present on your skin. Eliminate the sweat or bacteria, and you have eliminated body odour. However, it is very unhealthy to try to stop your body from sweating. In fact, your body needs to sweat to rid itself of toxins and to regulate your body’s temperature. The best solution is to eliminate the bacteria with the Crystal Deodorant Stone.

How to use

Simply rub on the Deodorant Stone after your wash or shower (or moisten stone) and you have hours of natural protection. The majority of stones on the market are imported from Thailand. Their product is not mined as some are claiming. None of the deodorant stones on the market today are mined, they have all been processed by a chemical company. The question is: how are they processed? How pure are they? Our Deodorant Stone has a minimum purity level of 99.962%.


How are they made?

Our Deodorant Stone is a man-made crystal of food grade Potassium Sulphate. This is a naturally occurring mineral salt found in a powder or pellet form, on or near the surface of the earth in mountainous and lakeland areas of the world.

The Deodorant Stones are crystallised over a period of months from an aqueous solution using a special process. The stones are then hand shaped. The Deodorant Stone is U.S.F.D.A. inspected, registered and kosher certified potassium alum. No other stone can make this claim. All of our Deodorant Stones are produced in the USA.

The Deodorant Stones do contain alum but not aluminium chlorohydrate which is found in most chemically based deodorants. There are many differences. The most important is that alum is not absorbed into the skin but aluminium chlorohydrate is.


Why Us?

Our Deodorant Stones are produced using only FOOD PROCESSING GRADE KOSHER CERTIFIED mineral salts. The mineral salts that are used have been inspected and registered by the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act section 404 and 505 in the USA. They are also registered with Health and Welfare in Canada. The Deodorant Stone also complies with UK Cosmetics Products (Safety) Regulations 1989.

How long do they last?

Crystal Dedorant Stones will last about one year, and the roll-ons about six months. So they are wallet-friendly as well as environmentally friendly!

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