Book Errata

Below are errata for the book. These are corrected in later prints of the book. You can send the book back to me and I will have the correct pages put into the book and have it rebound for you.

You can also click to download pdf (portable document format) files which can then be printed out. If you haven't got the adobe acrobat reader already, you can download it for free. On the PDF links below, left click to view on the screen or right click to save as a file to your hard disk. [AD]

p11 - Unintentional Two Pointing - Third sentence. Replace kinesiology with kinesiologist. (26 August 2001) Page 11 as pdf file (11kb).

p30 - Acupuncture Meridian: Constitutional - Under treatment the table reference in incorrect. It should be (Figure 42, page 29). (7 Nov 2001) Page 30 as pdf file (17kb).

p110 - Cloacals: The arm and leg test for the front and back cloacals have been reversed. The pictures for Figure 140 and 141 should be reversed. The text underneath Figure 140 should read "The four front ones can be tested by pulling the client's arm and leg together." The text underneath Figure 141 should read "The rear ones are tested by pushing the limbs apart." (7 Nov 2001 - This one was spotted by Doodie Grubb). Page 110 as pdf file (11kb).

p121 - Diagram 150. "Temporal suture" should read "Squamosal suture". (11 July 2001) Page 121 as pdf file (1,430kb).

p131 - Cranial Fault: Squamosal Suture. First sentence should read "Squamosa is a jamming of the parietal and temporal bone." (11 July 2001) Page 131 as pdf file (2,033kb).

p267 - Lower Back Category II Hidden/ Pseudo - First sentence "For example, if the hip therapy localised on the top left hip then block as in the diagram (Figure 428)." (25 Nov 2001) Page 267 as pdf file low resolution (81kb) or high resolution (902kb).

p330 - Pain and Head Points. Table 70. The first head point is SI-19 and not SI-1. (15 July 2001) Page 330 as pdf file (37kb).

p480 - The postcode for the Association of Natural Medicine is CM8 2DY (11 July 2001) Page 480 as pdf file (20kb).

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