Book wire binding

Update 2003

All books are now spiral bound and no longer have this wire binding problem.

28th August 2001 (Update)

In some cases the wire binding may come loose allowing the back cover to start sliding away.

Due to feedback from Barbara Lockyer, I'm pleased to say that my wife has come up with an ingenious way of keeping the wirebinding of the book from coming apart. After this date all books will include this method of stopping the wirebinding from coming apart.

However, if you have an earlier edition I have outlined a simple procedure below to help put the wirebinding back together again.

Wire binding distorted

This picture shows one of wire bindings bent out of shape. In your case, there may be more than one.
Opening the book out
Open the book out at the back to see the inside back cover and page 514 at the same time
Moving wire binding
Move the wire binding "join" away from page 514 so it is half way between page 514 and the inside back cover
Select distorted wirebinding
Find which one of the wire binding "joins" have come apart that allows the back cover to slide out
Push wirebinding together
Push the troublesome wire binding "joins" together until the two parts overlap slightly
How the wirebinding should look like
How the wire binding should look like after you have finished
Book closed
This should stop the back cover coming back off again.

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