Kinesiology Tips

Affirmations(11 July 2001)

Use the scale of 1-10 or 0-100% in how much they believe their target affirmation/statement, the statement that they want to be true but isn't at the moment.

If after doing all your usual clearing techniques there is still something left then ask the client to focus on that last remaining part/percentage. Pause lock that imbalance and balance them for as though it was another statement. That should clear any remaining doubt about their target affirmation.

Some interesting statements I have come across are:
I am in tune with the universe
I am in tune with the whole universe.
"I am losing weight" as opposed to "I will lose weight in 7 weeks".
I have the integrity to be my ideal self.
Stop, think, be wise.
I have the courage to stand up for myself.
I forgive for loving my more than me.


Difficult cases (11 July 2001)

My advice is that when a problem reoccurs on a following visit, even though it was fixed in priority order is to go looking elsewhere, maybe using finger modes to determine which realm the body wants to be fixed in.

On a difficult case it is always worth re-checking everything if you suspect something else has come to the surface after clearing one layer.


Pain and Head Points(15 July 2001)

This is a supplemental to the technique in the book on page 330.

If the head points don't make a difference to the pain level then try the beginning and ends of the meridians on different parts of the body. For example if SI-19 on the head has some effect but is not getting the result you want then try HT-1 under the armpit.

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