Alan was amazed with Kinesiology after visiting a health show. The sceptical logical brain wanted to know why the kinesiologist, using manual muscle testing, was able move his arms and legs around so easily when he was trying to resist. After learning that Kinesiology had a holistic approach covering all aspects of structure, nutrition, energy and emotion, Alan was converted and qualified in 1992 with the Association of Systematic Kinesiology. Systematic Kinesiology developed from Touch for Health which has its roots from Applied Kinesiology.

Alan collected together all the techniques he was using and put them into a book 'Kinesiology - A Compendium of Techniques', now in its second edition.

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Allergy / Food Intolerance Testing

Allergy / Food Intolerance Testing

The food intolerance / allergy testing is carried out by quick, non-invasive, painless, kinesiology muscle testing procedure giving immediate...

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Kinesiology - A Compendium of Techniques - 2nd Edition

Kinesiology - A Compendium of Techniques - 2nd Edition

This is a compendium of Kinesiology techniques from The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology taught by Dr. Sheldon Deal N.M.D, D.C. With this book I...


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